Sunday, March 6, 2016

Simple Ball Tracking Robot | Video | Part 2

It's been almost  two months since I last updated on this because of ENIGMA and the conference I had to attend.Now I have successfully come up with an awesome tracking on objects and this project although seems simple took me about three months to learn from scratch.
Here's the final look of the Robot:

Isn't she awesome?

After this tutorial I'll finally conclude this project as the motor testing is remaining and i'll add some basic image processing techniques to make such a robot and trust me it's really easy. Don't get frightened by Raspberry Pi.
I'll add code in the next and final part.

Here's the Video:

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  1. This is really cool, I have been trying to track an object either by face or color but my biggest problem is how to get the coordinates so that I can send them serially to arduino, am currently only using arduino and a webcam connected to a laptop,would you kindly guide me to how I can get coordinates of an object in a window? Am still abit fresh with opencv and Python

  2. Hi,
    This is pretty simple task once you get to know OpenCV concepts. There are many pre-built function in OpenCV such as contours and moments method.There are two ways to get the coordinates:
    1. To convert first the video frame by frame to a grayscale or binary form and then apply 'moments'method to it. from there on, you can get the x,y coordinates. here's my code which used the same method on this.

    2.You can also use contours method, adn apply a boundingRect function to it.

    Read more on cv2.moments and cv2.findContours in the opencv Documentation

    1. Thank you for the guidance, really appreciated


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