Sunday, April 9, 2017

ROS Autonomous Navigation Bot - [Clerkbot] - Odometry #1

Odometry is an important aspect in autonomous navigation, but alas not an uber-essential one. There is Hector Slam algorithm that does not require odometry, but this bot does use it.

Odometry is important since you need to tell the ROS main channel as to where you are with respect to the environment and how much you have moved from the initial point. There's another addition, you can get the angle with respect to the initial point too.

Again, the map's origin is different, the odometry's origin is somewhere else. So are the origin of sensors(Lidar) and the geometric axis of rotation of your robot. So you're continuously sending the state of your robot's position and it is being transformed from local to global axes of the map. Same is the case of other transformations.

Basically you have nodes already available that takes care of your encoder counts. But,  I haven't used any of these. Primarily because I wanted to know the intricacies of the working of ROS nodes. There is a tutorial on odometry too but then it is too subjective and not to the point. This being a non- holonomic robot didn't need much of the working from the mechanical aspect.

Here's the odometery tests in accordance with the sanity tests as described here.

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