Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Low Cost Automatic 'Wall-Painter' Robot- A Sneak Peak!

After nearly 3 months of working and designing the 'Wall-Painter' Idea(I proposed my Idea to the Idea Labs Committee, Nirma University about 3 months ago) along with team members Dishant Kavathia and Ammar Gandhi. The objective of the Wall-Painter is simple - A dedicated app will provide templates of paint designs as an input to the Wall-Painter, and it will oblige to do the required. I had and been doing projects since the last two years, but there was always a small amount of lack of professional 'furnishing' and 'designing.' Hence, the goal this time was to give ample time in designing and refining the project at hand.

The Idea required a manifestation of the Idea in my mind to a proper 3D Model first. Dishant Kavathia, a fellow teammate, has been super-amazing in making the model come right on SolidWorks and also rectify the underlying mechanical difficulties. Ammar and I would be looking at the electronic installation and the algorithms to drive the tasks. Also, I can't indulge in any more details as this is under development.

Here I am attaching a few snapshots of the proposed plan as designed by us (Model made by Dishant Kavathia)

 Figure 1. The skeleton model

Figure 2. The basic X-Y frame

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