Friday, January 15, 2016

OpenCV setup on Raspberry Pi 2

Hello! In this post, i'll be explaining on how to setup the python library for OpenCV. OpenCV is a openware library for image processing on various platforms like python. I want to mention that there's an excellent book on Raspi image processing by Ashwin Pajankar and that i highly recommend that you go through it. Here's the link to buy the book:
Book Link

1. Before we start let me first tell you that this installation can take a considerable amount of time, in       some cases 4-5 hours depending on the internet speed you have. First make sure that the Raspi is       connected to the internet. If you're using a LAN cable then make sure that its connected to the             internet via the router or modem.
2.Run the following command on the terminal
   sudo service networking restart
3.Run the following commands in sequence to update and list the raspi and the rasbian                           software. apt stands for Advanced Utility Package for updating pacakges on the raspi
       sudo apt-get update

       sudo apt-get upgrade

   sudo rpi-update

4. Now you need to install the packages in the following by typing, 
   sudo apt-get install <package> where <package> is one of the following:

Now, that you've completed the setup your Raspi is ready for the Image processing. Maybe next week i'll come up with the final Ball tracker setup.



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